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When choosing lighting fixtures for your home, you must consider their functionality and look. With so many designs in the market, you can let your personality shine through your style. Whether you are replacing an old fixture or looking to add an accent piece to your living room, traditional retailers and online storefronts offer countless options for you to consider. In 2023 trends leading the way in lighting decisions include some of the ones listed below, so keep them in mind when pulling together a new look for your home.

Fabulous Chandeliers

Dare to be dramatic and “extra” by making a statement with a chandelier. Large-scale and with multiple tiers, designers increasingly choose chandeliers to make bold statements. Even in a small space, don’t hesitate to choose a piece that adds panache and flair and reflects your personality.

Consider Plaster Fixtures

Plaster designs are clean and fresh and work in many spaces. Their white tone and versatile look make them viable for living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways. They are made of a natural material that fulfills homeowners’ focus on sustainability.

Natural Materials

A glance at any design publication reinforces the desire to have nature be part of many design schemes. Flooring, décor elements, and furniture follow this trend, and so does the lighting industry. Rope, rattan, and wicker are favorites in pendants, table lamps, and sconces. Their casualness complements warm spaces where visitors can come and relax.

Other materials, such as blown glass, porcelain, and ceramic, add character to your home.

If you are deviating from a coastal look and want something more formal, don’t hesitate to add statement lighting pieces to help tie your design scheme together.

Indirect and Layered Lights

For years we have seen LED lights make their way into kitchens and living rooms, and in 2023 they will take center stage. They are efficient in terms of energy usage and integrate into your home’s design seamlessly. Table lamps, in particular, are in ample supply and many customers choose handmade pieces that become the protagonist of the space. If you are a renter and can’t make major adjustments in your rental property, invest in unique table lamps to imprint your character into the home.

Adding layers to the lighting in your home helps create a relaxed ambiance to suit your needs and your mood. Since many of us spend more time at home and rooms serve multiple purposes throughout the day, variable lighting can match your focus and easily be managed with one of the many apps that help coordinate your home’s smart features.

Integrating Light Sources

If you have an older structure, you may have inherited a sole light point in the middle of the room. As you modernize your space and consider your needs today, consider adding different light sources and making them work harmoniously. Sconces are a great option to highlight focal points within a room, while floor lamps shed light on a reading nook or cozy corner. Coupled with table lamps and smart technology, you can adjust the intensity and brightness of your home quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

As you review your lighting requirements, don’t forget to include your outdoor space in your plan. To set the right mood outside, dare to include fixtures that feel unique and special, capable of making a statement and creating a welcoming environment for all who visit.

Decisions on lighting fixtures don’t need to be taken all at once. Take the time to find the piece that speaks to you and your choices, and add them to your home as you discover them. Designers and manufacturers offer us options and combinations you may not have considered before but dare to try something bold and new in 2023!