Luxurious living room with big windows, couple of sofas and armchairs

Coordinating lighting features in a room is not as easy as it sounds. Beyond functionality and taste, designers and homeowners need to factor in the décor elements and personal preferences of the home’s inhabitants. Even the best lighting design can fall short if it doesn’t work to highlight focal points and create the look and feel the property owner is expecting. To help navigate current offerings in home lighting, consider the trends below.

Invite Frosted Glass into the Kitchen

Good lighting over a kitchen island and under cabinets is a must, but it must be inviting and warm. To fill the space with soft light, don’t hesitate to add pendants with frosted glass, so it embraces family life in a lovely well-lit environment.

Out of Sight but Impactful

Great lighting makes a huge impact at all times of the day. Some designers look to hidden and indirect lighting to create an ambiance that transitions from daylight to nighttime effortlessly.

Layers of Lights Add Depth to a Space

Some of the most recognized designers add layers of lighting to each space to make them cozy and inviting. Ranging from ceiling lights, table lamps, and free-standing floor lamps, they all work together to allow for flexibility and variation.

Be Smart with Bedroom Lights

Hidden lights are also gaining popularity in the bedroom. Designers are experimenting with completely hidden fixtures or subtle, soft options to give enough light to read at nighttime without shining so bright that sleep quality is compromised.

Warm and Subtle are Key

Overall, cozy, and inviting are guiding lighting choices this year. Layering as described above is also present in the living room, where table lamps with wide impact set the tone for fun and relaxing evenings.
Along with sconces and fixtures, candlelight is incorporated into design schemes to create an ambiance that welcomes all who visit.

When considering the lighting in your home, consider it in layers and make it central to your design decisions. There are many ways of arranging lamps and fixtures, so they create rooms that are a reflection of their owners and invite others to stay a while